About me


With a passion for Brands, books, films and food, I'm always on the lookout for experiences that excite me. Reading for me is both a refuge and a fuel. I enjoy over analysing various aspects of life, and to pontificate on them. Yes, I love big words too.

I live in New Delhi area, India. Currently, I work as the Head of Digital Marketing at Dalmia Bharat Group, one of the India's most innovative diversified conglomerates. For my complete professional resume, look me up on Linkedin.

About this Site

I like to have a point of view about things. This site is my space to express or explore things I experience. In case you find that pretentious, that's okay too.

Some of the material posted here is from my old blog, and may appear dated to you. Inserting timelessness into my writing is a work in progress. I also attempt to write very detailed 'How to' manuals for things I don't find updated or correct information on the web for.

You can look me up on twitter if you want to connect, or leave a comment on any of the posts that you find on this site.

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