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A problem of plenty

Things that should be in malls: Chemists, electric appliance repair shops, photocopy shops, photo studios, clothes alteration options. What do we have? Planet Fashion, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Peter England, Allen Solly Women. Benetton, Benetton Kids. Thirty thousand clones. India's need to blindly ape the west in all our constructs is never going to end well. First it was the all-glass façade buildings in a tropical country. Now, retail destinations which don't cater to visit reasons which can yield repeat visits.  Think about it- why do you visit a mall today (Ignore for a moment there's a pandemic): Go out with family where a bunch of different things can be done (shopping, meal with different options) Catch a film Buy something specific  Imagine if your mall had the things you have to struggle at the local market with, at a slightly higher cost. You'd go to mall more often, and likely spend on other things too. Outlandish? You tell me in the comments! 🤷‍♂️