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A world without apps

Companies have spent millions building apps, and then billions (?) trying to get people to download them. The future however, is without apps. It's taking two divergent paths for now, which meet sometime in the near future.  Each of an app's most important functions have to be baked into workflows of other, more popular apps. The same way you get to order an Uber inside Google Maps, or get directions to the cinema hall in the ticket booking app. Context becomes important than the need. There is a reason Google wants you to speak to its assistant to get everything done, or Alexa wants to be your gateway to everything. As technology flattens our interaction with the world (than continue to hold it in verticals of different needs), apps become 'micro services' in our interaction with the world. You and I don't need another twenty apps to get things done. Soon, customers will prefer firms who get things done without exhorting them to download an app sign up, and