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Five new year resolutions for a social media marketer in 2017

Like every year, you would make a ton of resolutions in the next week, mostly to sigh at them by the end of January. I make them too, and mostly succeed. This year, I want to share some resolutions I made professionally and succeeded at. It helps that I'm a part of a great team, which makes things happen quickly and effectively. More than anything else, we demonstrated value of social media to the business over and over again. Here are my five new year resolutions for social media marketers: Get your CXOs to use Twitter:  I still can't believe I have to add this a resolution for 2017. Donald Trump mostly won the presidency of the United States using this one platform! From Baby-boomers to Gen Xers, everyone needs to be on Twitter if they meet customers and prospects. Help them think about this: today, the average CXO pitches their product to a much larger group at their customer's company. If they aren't visible to each member of that heterogenous group on