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Why you need to invest in video marketing today

As a CMO, if you are still thinking if you should invest in creating video content, here are some key things to think about: Today, your customer: spends as much time watching the news, as she spends reading it, is watching less tv, not because the medium is dying, but because increased time spent outdoors (commuting, increased activities), on-demand availability and bandwidth are creating the perfect storm; they still watch an incredible amount of video content- it's just not on TV spends lesser time reading the newspaper, but still does - CPMs on print are still more expensive than online ads. Print spends are decreasing, they are decreasing off a large base, and online spends are conversely, growing off a small base has a consumption device at hand all the time- they are either facing a computer screen, or have a mobile device which allows them to browse with purpose, or waste away at leisure I realise video is expensive. That it requires re-tooling your entir