Mobile apps are dying. Did you notice?

Mobile apps. You use them over 100 times a day, mostly the same ones over and over again. And if, like me, you are a marketer, you've spent time and a bazillion dollars to make sure your app provides the best user experience ever. Reiterating daily, you make more changes and spends on newer ways of delivering content and helping consumers buy your products. 

And I'm predicting in three years time, the number of apps you use today will fall down by 70%. 

It could be that your phone becomes a giant browser and instead of a drawer full of apps, only apps which make use of specific hardware functions remian on your phone- a VR application which requires heavy network resources; a maps application which uses GPS and other triangulation mechanisms to deliver location awareness (to you), and a few other uses. 

There are a number of reasons for this to occur:


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