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The first major threat to Google's dominance is here

I wrote this post originally on LinkedIn . The future is finally here. For long, we've been hearing about social media overcoming search and display advertising. That Facebook and Twitter would overcome Google. In the past ten days, there has been one minor, yet important change which isn't a digital savant's proclamation. You might not have noticed or received access to this new feature. And learning about what it is, you might go 'meh' But it's more important than anything that's happened in the past 10 years combined. Here's what happened: Facebook and Twitter have added in-app browsers to their smartphones apps. This means any time you click a link within their mobile apps, the page will open in a browser window which opens within the app itself , rather than opening the Chrome or Safari mobile browser. This changes everything. Here's why: Facebook and Twitter now own News Discovery: Viral stories and email forwards aside, users str