How to check Provident Fund Balance Online?

This is off the usual track on things that I usually post about, but after running in circles trying to find out my provident fund balance, I finally figured it out. Thought would pay it forward. 

Thanks to the government finally getting a move on when it comes to technology, checking your PF balance online is very easy now. 

Just go through the following steps, and you should be able to get your PF balance very quickly! If you want, there are additional steps below which tell you how to download your PF passbook, which shows monthly contribution from both you and your employer.

You will need:
  • Your PF No.
  • Your cell phone with working cell service (duh)
  • Have either of the following identity proofs as well:: PAN Card, Aadhar, NPR (National Population Register), Bank Account, Voter ID, Passport or Driving License. What is important is that any of these ID proofs that you use should have a document no.on them, since that will act as your user id in the future 
  • A working internet connection, preferably using a computer (desktop/laptop) on a broadband connection. This is because the PF portal, being a government web site, doesn't use HTML 5, and might just explode if you use it on GPRS or Dial up. This last tip is not a necessity, but free ki advice. We're Indian. 
Ok. Onwards to work. 

There is a page before that as well, but that's just a sarkari instruction manual. The page will look like the following:

Choose your state, and a list of PF offices should appear. Typically, your PF office would be in the city where your company has their registered office. This is important to remember. 

How to find out PF Office: If you're unsure about the PF office you're in, the best person to ask is your office HR folks, or your CA or Tax Consultant should be able to figure it out for you. In case you want to search your exact office code by employer, click here. At the bottom of this page, the search box can be used to input your company's name:

Once you've done this, you can just enter your PF no. and mobile no. and then get your PF amount sent by SMS to you. The page will not make this very clear, as the status message of the balance being sent to your mobile is given at the bottom of the page, so look at the page carefully after a couple of seconds, because it will change. I've highlighted the area for your easy reference: 

PF Balance sent SMS

Once you receive the SMS, you are done! You can now plan on withdrawing the amount, and getting whatever you need. Sadly, that can happen only if you leave your current job, retire or do some other shady things your CA can tell you about (this conjecture can be left alone). 

Now, in case you want to check if monthly transfers to your PF are happening accurately and in a timely manner, you would want to go through the next step. It's just another couple of minutes of your life, and you'd do well if you download the Provident Fund passbook. 

For downloading the Provident Fund passbook, the website link is

On this page, if you haven't registered before, you'll need your identity document, since that'll become your login id. On the top right, click on Click here to Register

Add in all the information, and you should receive a PIN on your mobile, enter that at the bottom of the page, and you're done with the registration. Go back to the main page, and login using your identity document no. (for e.g.: your Pan card no., if you've used that) and your mobile no. as login and password respectively. 

On the next screen, click on Download E-passbook, as shown in the screenshot below:

On the next page, enter your PF no. again, and click on get Pin. The Pin will be sent to your mobile. Enter that on your mobile, and you're on the page where you can download the file!

You should check the downloaded PDF file thoroughly. Check each month's entries against the PF being deducted in your pay slip, and check for each month of employment. You can also know the total amount in the following categories:
Employee Share
Employer Share
Pension Fund.

There. You're done. Thank you for sticking with me till so late in the day. But hopefully you know how to do this by yourself. Would be great if you share this with friends and family members who aren't as tech savvy as you. I really wish the procedure was simpler. And I've tried to do the good thing. After spending a couple of hours running through loops, when I finally understood how to download my PF statement, I've put it here for your use. So Pay it Forward!


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