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How to check Provident Fund Balance Online?

This is off the usual track on things that I usually post about, but after running in circles trying to find out my provident fund balance, I finally figured it out. Thought would pay it forward.  Thanks to the government finally getting a move on when it comes to technology, checking your PF balance online is very easy now.  Just go through the following steps, and you should be able to get your PF balance very quickly! If you want, there are additional steps below which tell you how to download your PF passbook, which shows monthly contribution from both you and your employer. You will need: Your PF No. Your cell phone with working cell service (duh) Have either of the following identity proofs as well:: PAN Card, Aadhar, NPR (National Population Register), Bank Account, Voter ID, Passport or Driving License. What is important is that any of these ID proofs that you use should have a document no.on them, since that will act as your user id in the future  A working in