Snickers vs Frooti: When Hunger for success still leaves you thirsty for a good campaign idea

I first saw the international campaign for Snickers at a workshop. It was chosen by the very erudite facilitators as an example of a great campaign insight, which had a tongue-in-cheek execution that worked.

Have a look:

- the basic idea was simple- Snickers' TG, they're jocks, active young males who have a distaste for any one  who acts like a diva. Clever insight, and works with the TG which is fueled on testosterone, and wants to stay as far from being told 'Don't be a bi**h' as they can.

Then, Snickers wanted to bring the campaign idea to India, and came up with this:

Not withstanding the fact that the idea was lost in treatment, the campaign still worked basis media weights and getting in Rekha and that girl from Rangeela- for the sheer novelty of it. Just that the message was lost on the Indian youth.

Cut to 2013, reports of Shah Rukh Khan being signed up for Frooti came in. I had some ideas on the execution, mostly involving his ability to self-mock. My ideas notwithstanding, I had hopes from CreativeLand Asia, Parle's agency which has some good and some great advertising campaigns to their credit, Appy being a case in point.

They came up with this:

You could poke holes in my theory, and say  this is the exaggeration pitch commonly used in advertising. May be it's just my mind, may be it's just lazy brand planning and execution. Even Himani Navratna Thanda Thanda Cool Cool Hair Oil used SRK better.

What's your take?


  1. Yaar Rajpal, you talk about such intelligent things. Mann karta hai kabhi mil ke batiya lun tumse.

    It's so true that the Snickers advert with Rekha has been so badly translated to fit another society that it makes us wonder whether there are any such male-divas among us. Falls flat.

    If they really wanted to use Rekha, they could've made a mockery out of Amitabh Bachchan in the Chyawanprash advert and spoken about how the chocolate is the secret to Rekha's youthful health.

    On second thoughts, I really need to spend some time with you to stop talking about such ridiculous ideas.


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