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Things to read

With a new job role and personal life in the fast lane, I've had little time to write. Plus with a full fledged schedule on Twitter and other social networks, reflecting and putting things down has been a tad more difficult. Subtext- I've been lazy. That said, learning still remains at the forefront of what I want to do all day long. Reading the typical 'long read' article, one does get to the base of many specific questions. Putting down a couple of great posts for you to read: 1.  Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? In this timeless article, one gets to know how the Diamond market was made. And remains one of the most enduring PR successes through time. 2.  Vodka Nation-   How the flavorless, colorless, odorless spirit became a billion-dollar business This again talks about the rise of vodka as a habit, and a drink acceptable as the base of many cocktails you've had. Take your time while reading these. These are not mere recommendations, they ar