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Niches in the Indian market

India has seen an explosion in availability of branded offerings over the past few years. Every experience, whether a force of habit or something novel, has now been branded. With a rising disposable income, we seek familiarity and the promise of living a better life, and buy things that have some associations with them. But with growth opportunities in their respective categories now petering out, brands must look for new niches to address. Below is the first set of recommendations in a series I will challenge to complete this month, on the Blue Ocean Strategy brands can undertake. These are niches that are yet to be fulfilled, and I would attempt to examine gaps and the reasons for them. Some statements below would appear as sweeping generalisations, so you can make your own judgements about them. The first category I've chosen is Apparel. It continues to be one of the largest categories for consumption, and can be actually termed a basic need for most consumers. Appar

Review: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

For the biography of a man who changed the way the world interacted with computers, changed them from industrial devices to an indispensable part of our lives, Walter Isaacson's account of Jobs's life is hallucinatory in parts, and illuminating in others. 

A Carnival that's larger than Life

If there is just one Indian ad that you need to watch this year, for its ability to take the idea 'larger than life', this is it. Take a bow, Ogilvy Mumbai and Bang Bang Films. IPL has been extremely lucky as a brand. Many others spend millions on production and TV spends, but this one brand has been able to get amazing films out year after year. My bet on this film winning multiple awards this year. Your take?