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Online Deals: Here to stay?

   The e-commerce industry in India is booming like never before- words such as these have been written before. Things are a tad different now. With brands like Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal and many others launching their TV ad campaigns, raising VC funds and talking of 1000% topline growth Y-O-Y, things are changing faster than you can type in that url. As always, the threat of global giants coming in to spoil the party hangs over their heads. Amazon has revolutionized the American market, and resulted in the closure of bookstore chains such as Borders. Barnes and Noble, another bookstore giant, is spending its energies in getting its e-book reader, Nook, in order. It’s only fair that Indian firms in the online business run as fast as they can before big brother comes knocking. In order to quickly set up distribution channels, these brands are investing in owned courier channels; making investments in IT to ease customer’s online experience, and making inroads into the burge