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The Innovation Challenge

Innovation in advertising is a very narrow term. It refers only to things that haven't been done before, or ideas that haven't been expressed in a certain manner. It doesn't solve problems except one- to push more units of the product your client makes. It remains important for us to look at innovation in real life- in products and services that impact us on a daily basis. It becomes imperative- As a marketer, brands that indulge in innovation are those who are taking center stage today. Nokia's throne was dismantled by multiple small companies like Micromax, Lava and others- who used three factors together- the has-to-have-an-IMEI law, the ability of Chinese companies to mass produce 'decent' phones in large numbers, and use newer technology in the mobile software and hardware  to churn out new models. On the top end, Apple's innovation and Android's ceaseless copying of the Apple's features and looks, has almost killed Nokia as a brand. Nokia toda