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Think Through

Why wouldn't Indian magazines do this for their 'red light' vendors. All the children get is oversized T-shirts with just the magazine's name. Think of the delicious copy possibilities. 

The Unthought Known

Advertising is about many things. Pushing products- selling diapers, cars and Space Tourism. But above all, it remains a quest for one person to convince a large group of people to believe in one idea. The ability to proclaim  that you would feel fairer, taller, stronger, among a host of other adjectives, remains at the core of that idea.  How to develop this idea, is something creatives and planners strive for all their lives. George  Tannenbaum, who deciphers advertising, and copy writing especially, had the following to say in his latest blog post - What I've found is that most copy is already written. It's buried in the depths of a too-long client brief. It's on page 37 of an annual report. It's in a sales spiel from a company employee. A powerpoint from a "product specialist." It's all around you in a way a building is all around you if you're standing on a pile of bricks. Our job as creatives is to hear and see everything. And from that