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How Major Indian Companies like to Hire

India's burgeoning markets and rising fresh demand in various sectors are known elements. The people powering this growth; handpicked through rigorous processes by renowned companies. They in turn, offer the best chance that the said company has at succeeding in the market. And Indian companies forever bemoan the lack of innovation amongst their people. Ok, some of them. But CXO level executives want more entrepreneurial leaders in their line. How do they achieve it? By carefully selecting professionals, who just three years back, were another statistic in the great Indian middle class. Students, who just by their pedigree proved through the college they went to, suddenly become employable and bright. Let's read between the lines, what Maruti Suzuki, India's largest passenger automobile company, wants from its employees- Read it on Maruti's page here . So, what does it take to be a Marutian? We are always on the lookout for ambitious, hard working and innova