Who's working on it?

Greetings. It's been a long time coming. And its been worth it.

To revive a scene of semblance in the media of india,this writer has recently taken a break from facebook. Just one amongst many SNS sites making merry at the expense of time.

Moving on to work-

SEC A1 23-35 all over India are today working hard to earn their sizable salary. Once they've earned said salary, they are hard-pressed to spend it, for they either still live with their parents, or they can call in for reinforcements if they need to, for the 6th pay-commission has hit home. They have, what the sharks refer to, as high disposable income.

Let's narrow them down. Some of them are the truly downtrodden and feeble. They went through engineering degrees, for they were supposed to, and now they write code. In their free time, they surf porn, and others, they watch B4U.

I'm looking at a narrower demographic still. These are people watching zero TV. Why? For they spend their time watching things on their laptop. Seasons of Western comedies, and action series, and dramas. You know the types.

How I met your Mother | Glee | House | Two and a Half Men | Mad Men | The Sopranos | Heroes | 24 | CSI | Grey's Anatomy | Friends (yeah, even now)

And if you think this is a very small demographic that isn't worth looking at, you just need to go through my friends' friends' friends' list on facebook, meet all these interesting people in parties, and talk to them at length, and intelligently, about the goings on in these series. They are hooked, and Indian TV isn't reeling it in. Someone else is.

They are picking up their cues outside.

So who's working on content for these guys. Things that they don't necessarily choose but consume. Star World and TLC have some programming, but that's about it. And they could get on to Discovery and National Geographic. BYes, they see small boxes on facebook they might never click on. And they might notice an ad if you buy the cover of a Delhi Times or HT City (replace name with your city's TOI/HT supplement). But that's that.

You can't reach these people. So you, as a brand, are just going to rely on the fact that you used to do great advertising in the years gone by? That now, as a big brand, you can outspend everyone else in the market, and thus you will remain the number 1 brand in India? You can't, because you don't have the content to wrap it around.

Who will make this content? Who will take the challenge? Yashraj and Sony have mostly given up after Season 1.

I'm sure we'll need more than Ekta Kapoor.


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