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The Big Social B

Blogosphere- A place for people to express their own feelings without recourse to their being edited by another person. A self-publishing medium. Where through the click of the mouse and a few minutes of hyperlinking, uploading and quoting, a writer can present as lucid a case as he wants on any subject that takes up his fancy. Blogosphere- a deeply personal space, something held sacred by the people who write it as their place in the yard. They refuse to let other dictate what happens on it, well, sometimes they do. Mostly, there are minor changes to the kind of content being shared. Blogging in India is still a very nascent trend. With a country where internet connectivity is dismally low, and a population that does not use the internet much except for functional uses (read email, social networking, search on random things- the most searched item in India was Katrina Kaif), blogging is taking on very slowly. But as with every fledgling trend, there are a few high points. There are