Peter Schiff had it right

One of the main reasons we started rhetoric69 was to say things no one else would talk about. Though with time, we've found more people who have similar ambitions, and learned from them, we have yet to adopt a stand that cuts through the bull-crap that people can come out with.

Adage and Bnet, two substantial industry portals, have come out with some guns firing in criticism of The Ad Contrarian, a blog run by the CEO of Hoffman/Lewis, a chicago based ad-agency. Not in real time, but these stories are very similar to the video that follows. The industry heavy weights are claiming the same thing as the market pundits did when Peter Schiff was on with his 'tirade' against real issues in the US financial market.

We have been following TAC for a long time, delighting on its take on the rhetoric that's out there. Read the adage story here, and the BNet story here.

Ofcourse, none of them have the decency to link to his blog. Wish they have to delete these entries from their archives just as the other financial pundits are out there washing their own linen.

Rock On, Bob. Hope the gaffes are caught in time. The only thing is, with communication, everything can be washed over.


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