Advertising at its best picks up clues from the ground, and amplifies them for placing brands in the right cultural context.

HBO launched a new show, based on an Englishman who comes to India to... run a call center. While the show is yet to be seen by us, this print ad has a hidden message-

Quality is an image we all want to portray. What's the image for quality though?

Even we couldn't figure a way out. Tell us of any ideas that you may have. For a country with a gazillion diverse languages and dialects, and slang on top, this is a conundrum hard to crack.

In other unrelated news, the strangely named, has been renamed Thank god for we were thinking this was on the lines of the astrology-compliant With investors like ebay and VC fund Matrix partners, this would be interesting to watch. Just hope they can do something with their site. Looks going the same yahoo-ebay-cluttered-layout way.

In India, the main issue is getting real people online. To post. To contribute. All we have on quickr's second-hand car page, for example, are brokers and insurance agents.
Can someone think around this problemo?



  1. well, the HBO ad has the alpabhet- learning implied. its like what we learn as kids- A for apple, B for Cat. similarly, the ad depicts the same in Hindi.


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