Brevity and Wit

Yeah, so you and me know a few things. And each time we need to say anything, we spend a good (x)k words to express ourselves, to paraphrase Airtel.

But then there are some people who manage to say so much more in so little time, and yet make such perfect sense.

Take The Ad Contrarian for example. Though you need to go deep through the archives to get what I'm talking about, take this one post for example. How many people you know can take you and me on a world trip in less than 300 words?

About The Ad Contrarian-
Bob Hoffman is ceo of Hoffman/Lewis advertising in San Francisco and St. Louis.
And we're just about his biggest fans.

And oh, by the way- The japanese have found a new way to introduce you to their jingles

Doesn't that sound wicked? Imagine what percussion can be created on the great indian roads- we're after all, potholed for extra pleasure. Imagine the Sony Ericcson Thump.


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