Outlook thinks they're cool

You are an Indian publishing major. You print one of the popular magazines that are on offer in the smörgåsbord of print media available today.

You are called in to launch a magazine aimed at high-end travelers while they wait at the airport lounges. You have the wherewithal and the talent to launch the product. You stir up things. Get to the advertisers and get the pages in. The edit team comes in and makes a plan of what to write about. You decide to focus on travel, gizmos, trends, lifestyle, entertainment, health advice, as well as reviews on movies, music and books. These are things that any one waiting for an airplane would want to read about.

So, you are ready. Every thing's up and running. Only one issue. You don't have a name yet. So your marketing team comes in. You call in the consultants. All of you all have a 'meeting', where you 'brainstorm'. And you think hard. Nothing comes up. You don't want to go too niche while naming the product.

And then someone has a bright spark. They decide to name the magazine after the ambience that it exists in. You name it Outlook Lounge.

Whoa! Creativity! hell yeah!

Only thing is, there's a big daddy who already publishes a whopper of a Saturday supplement. So you've done two things at once. 'Invent' the most generic title for your publication, and irritate the heck out of your competitors.

No wonder, they sue.


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