Any media that can't be exchanged

Advertising, stripped of all the strategic lexicon that we clothe it in, is a nuisance for everyone involved. It makes people consumerists, shows people inequality through material goods, and tells them how poor and miserable their life is, without a pack of fairness cream.

All that said and done, we at Rhetoric69 love advertising. To bits.

But the gods said, not fair. The guys who inundate the planet with their billboards selling everything from god to garbage, must be punished. So, he invents the internet. And he lets us invent advertising on the internet. And then he lets us put it on. Pop-ups that irritate the hell out of users. Research says place banners, let people click on the 'banners' for looking in if they want to.

So far, so good.

Then, someone has an idea about making a site for the media itself. You know, we have a lot of agencies, a lot of media companies, and a lot of clients who are interested in news related to brands and marketing. Who like to follow what's happening in the world of brands. So, they give us the website that promises to be it all.

The people come on, they start reading things. They like it that they have a place to call their own. They need to have a look-in on the world that they inhabit.

Guess what? God decides to give back, in no equal measure, everything that they've inflicted on the masses. So this is what they get-

This is no fun. This is the first fold of the website, where we're all told most of the stuff that a user looks for, should be presented in a manner as concise as possible. And then exchange4media happens.

Well, you see, we've started believing in our own gospel. We need the ads to tell us which brand is the best to use to engage our audiences, with our brands, through ads. Its kind of incestuous.

Or may be we are just old-fashioned. We don't quite understand the way things are. May be naive?

Check out the atrociousness here.
And I'd be damned if they get clickthroughs from my site.


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