The Politicos join the party

As we worry about inflation, rising input costs and other detrimental things, there are a few things worth looking at-
Ad agencies, who've been looking forward to some business (as always) in these difficult times, have a rather new source to tap. The Indian General elections.
The BJP learnt its lesson well in the 2004 campaign. Under Pramod Mahajan, it used new media pretty efficiently in getting people to hear what the Prime Ministerial candidate had to say, through the internet, mobile messaging and targeted media placements. What happened by the time it all got over was a different matter altogether.
That aside, election advertising is big business. As per reports, the Congress account, worth upto Rs. 150 crores, is being fought over for, as we read. Crayons and JWT are the agencies in the lead, and they hope to help the government get into poll mode.
There are however, a few issues worth looking at. In a marketing company, both the agency executives and the client side managers understand the basic polish communication must have, not too turn off the target audience. In the election campaigns so far, the clear issue that emerges is that they have to be approved by people who understand propaganda well, but do not understand the 'polish'. Ad agencies also give them a rough deal by bowing down and scrimping on budgets to make the maximum money while it lasts.
Result- We have copy-heavy full pagers with all the leaders' anthology placed around like the pantheon of gods India has revered over the years, with a specific interest in letting the people of India know how the 300.2 km long Gangaghat-Yamunasagar canal has benefited them.
Not very palatable for the urban yuppie who treats the election day as just another holiday to sleep late on.
Not very readable by the average man-on-the-street for this lower-than-the-other-segment affinity, or ability, to read.
The BJP brass says in the linked story that they are pretty enthused by the Obama site, amongst others. If they bring up something half as nice, I'll vote for Congress.
The websites will be things to watch out for. Given our politicos liking for color and pomp, it'd be a riot. Keep watching this space for action!


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