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The Politicos join the party

As we worry about inflation, rising input costs and other detrimental things, there are a few things worth looking at- Ad agencies, who've been looking forward to some business (as always) in these difficult times, have a rather new source to tap. The Indian General elections. The BJP learnt its lesson well in the 2004 campaign. Under Pramod Mahajan, it used new media pretty efficiently in getting people to hear what the Prime Ministerial candidate had to say, through the internet, mobile messaging and targeted media placements. What happened by the time it all got over was a different matter altogether. That aside, election advertising is big business. As per reports, the Congress account , worth upto Rs. 150 crores, is being fought over for, as we read. Crayons and JWT are the agencies in the lead, and they hope to help the government get into poll mode. There are however, a few issues worth looking at. In a marketing company, both the agency executives and the client side manag

When Google Launched Chrome

A couple of interesting things that happened at the launch of the google chrome. As is prevalent in the tech industry, all the major tech bloggers across the world were sent this Google Chrome Comic Book . An interesting way to launch a browser. And mind you, these were sent in hardcopy, via mail. The comic gives a good example of how the world's biggest brand goes back to our favorite way of showing things. Second, the google chrome launch was known beforehand by atleast one blogger in Germany who received the mail on the labour day weekend, for it wasn't a holiday there. Luckily for google, the whole world was on a long weekend and didn't receive updates in time. What could have been a major leak was thwarted due to the holiday weekend. Lucky break.

Here comes another one

And bites the dust. India's nationalised banks are a troubled lot these days. With some 'foreign' players slated to come in, newer technologies, and younger customers, its time for them to change. No one talks about the fact that they are in it, becuase everyone else is. Bank of Baroda started the trend in 2005 with their highly publicised logo and branding change. The 'sun' logo created by the bangalore-based Ray+Keshavan, who've helped other banks and brands since then. While R+K helped consumer brands such as Himalaya (earlier Ayurvedic Concepts) and Bru with their brand change, Bank of Baroda was their entry into the big league. The brand reportedly spent over Rs. 100 crores on the branding change. Since then, its been a mad race to the bottom. SBI essentially remained the same but smartened up. J&K Bank got themselves into a multi-colored bird. Then, Canara Bank came in with their triangles. And UTI bank changed to Axis due to licensing-related i