The Axe chocolate doesn't go down well

Hello Folks. We are back. I know it was a false start and all that, but we promise to rise up to the challenge now, whatever it is.

The Axe Chocolate Boy commercial has just been banned by the Indian government. They've decided that shots of women eating out of chocolate boy's arse aren't that appetising.

Here's the ad:

Axe's always had a very funky feel to their ads, but you all know that. What really takes me down is the way Unilever approaches its brands.

Yes, I think brands are people, and they have their own attributes. But Axe tells me women are brainless hot chicks who log on to every man wearing their scent, Fair&Lovely tells me they need the fairness cream to live the good life. So all in all, women, their prime audience have both an identity issue and a olfactory fixation on a certain tool.

But then, they have another brand. They are a FMCG conglomerate, no? So they have..... Dove! The Dove Evolution film and their other work talks exactly about what they do with their other brands. Pretty brave. But the consumers are fools no? They are different no?

Dove's used by sassy Samira. And Fair&Lovely goes to familial-bound Mamta. And Axe is ofcourse for hot-and-horny Sameer. All of them have their fix. And HUL's raking in the money. And its left for sucker-for-branding types like us to break it all apart.


Sorry this space looks very un-interactive, with no screen shots or videos of things that we're talking about. That too shall come. Soon.


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