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The Aarushi murder case has everyone up in arms. I have seen coverage in everything from news channels to glossies, taken part in SMS polls on news channels, read features in city supplements about how family dinners have turned into battlefields ala Kyunki discussing who murdered her? Just one story that covered the servant who was also killed, and hasn't even been mentioned. A Psychatrist was quoted saying people disassociate themselves with the servant since they earlier thought of him to be the killer, and now they feel guilty about it. Not to bore you with details but the coverage bears scrutiny. Especially since atleast two channels have been served Showcause Notices over their character assasinations of Dr. Talwaar and that of Aarushi. This case assumes more importance than the Prince case, and will be discussed in more media classes than others. The media's frenzy to cover the case has resulted in top cops bungling entire investigations and shooting themselves in