This is the first line on this blog. We read somewhere that its the first line that makes the difference. Well, we surely have't made one. So here goes-
This blog is our attempt to showcase, throw bricks at, laugh upon and be humbled by the greatness that's all around us. Through Brands, People and the eight other things Kotler says can be marketed. I will share my views (and yours hopefully, for I want to be on didactic mode), on everything that has to do with anything communication.
Today, we start with a campaign that's doing the rounds in New Delhi where I'm currently based. Its by the Delhi government, to showcase their achievements, for the forthcoming elections. Having witnessed India Shining by the erstwhile NDA, and a similar one by the current UPA Govt., I took this with a pinch of salt. Going to the CBD in the Delhi, I noticed these ads placed at Bus Shelters.
The creatives are nice enough. I'll get pictures up shortly. The copy made sense- 'Mere Liye Badal Rahi hai Dilli' (My Delhi is changing for me), a nice two-way street of positive dialogue. A shot of a young woman in our newly-fangled low-floor buses, and another with a guy. Looked cute. The only issue was the placement. All these bus-shelters, atleast 8 of them, were situated on Janpath, the power corridor of India. If they were to be seen by country's leaders, yes, the placement was on target. But if you really want to show the common voting man what it is about, you place them out on the streets, not on the street.
Total waste of money and creative energy. Wish the media planning guy thought about achieving objectives, not appeasing adjectives. The masserati are the ones who vote, and they don't travel through the VIP district. Couldn't an institutional ad campaign take lessons from all the
Happy-birthday-holi-diwali-gurupurab-christmas-lohdi-gudi padwa-Onam brigade? Make flexes and hang them all over the city. Or is too cheap a shot? Are you trying to invoke the non-voting public, driving its X3s and Bugatis to vote? Hell, half of them are out there trying to get your ticket!
In other, international news, the famed Dove 'Real Beauty' Pics Could Be Big Phonies as per Adage. A leading 'celebrity fashion photo retoucher' clained he touched the photos a little bit, but kept the 'mileage' showing. Dove's marketers Unilever have been in hot soup over this before, with consumer bodies pitting ads from the Dove campaigns with the Axe campaigns, and calling Unilever a hypocrite. Read more about it here.
This is the gist of what I want to do. Some of you are here because you got an email from me. Please keep coming back. The last line in this post was the one you just read. We wrote it because bloggers love the attention. If your comments have something more than you're baap/cool/this is nice and share something, we'd love to chew upon it.


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