The Citi needs some sleep

Citibank is going the whole hog. At least trying to hog it. And the pitch is through IPL. The mega cricket event. Let's let the people have a solid dose and there'll never be anything else between us.

Sample this ad-

Beautiful, no? Goes right into your heart and warms its cockles, if you're from Delhi. Otherwise, goes right up there with the Hutch Half Marathon ads where they made Delhi, and each and every part run. My heart goes out for it. I love it.
But the cynic and the critic in me have a small little question. Pray tell me why does the rest of India need to know about the Citi Metro Card on the most expensive airtime available. Only accessible in Delhi? Only USP in Delhi? Only that the Delhi Metro doesn't sway half as much as your ad does?

Can we call this a scam? I don't think so. Its execution at its best. They couldn't do anything else with it. A brilliant execution needs to be put on air on primetime. Makes people sway and reach out for the card. I did a small FG yesterday at the McDonalds where I was. Everybody was smiling at the end of it.
The radio spots are funky too. One has an auto driver offering to take passengers for free, as they choose to travel by Metro. They can award the creative, and shoot the media planner in the leg. Definitely not a Citi moment of success.

My sympathies with Prasanna Sankhe and Ashish Khazanchi, the guys from ambience who made the ad. Good Luck.


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