Top Sugar Companies in India 2019

India is the 2nd largest sugar producer in the world after Brazil, and after consolidation over the years, has some of the largest companies in the sector.

The top sugar companies (by sales) in India are:

Company Sales FY19 (In Crores)EID Parry16565.4Bajaj Hindustan6803.8Shri Renuka Sugars4296.4Balrampur Chini4285.8Triveni Engg. Industries3151.7Dhampur Sugar2954.1Avadh Sugar2130.2Dalmia Bharat Sugar2018.5DCM Shriram Industries1689

Information Source: BSE & NSE Filings and Unaudited results

A world without apps

Companies have spent millions building apps, and then billions (?) trying to get people to download them. The future however, is without apps. It's taking two divergent paths for now, which meet sometime in the near future. 

Each of an app's most important functions have to be baked into workflows of other, more popular apps. The same way you get to order an Uber inside Google Maps, or get directions to the cinema hall in the ticket booking app. Context becomes important than the need. There is a reason Google wants you to speak to its assistant to get everything done, or Alexa wants to be your gateway to everything. As technology flattens our interaction with the world (than continue to hold it in verticals of different needs), apps become 'micro services' in our interaction with the world. You and I don't need another twenty apps to get things done. Soon, customers will prefer firms who get things done without exhorting them to download an app sign up, and then ge…

Five new year resolutions for a social media marketer in 2017

Like every year, you would make a ton of resolutions in the next week, mostly to sigh at them by the end of January. I make them too, and mostly succeed. This year, I want to share some resolutions I made professionally and succeeded at. It helps that I'm a part of a great team, which makes things happen quickly and effectively. More than anything else, we demonstrated value of social media to the business over and over again. Here are my five new year resolutions for social media marketers: Get your CXOs to use Twitter: I still can't believe I have to add this a resolution for 2017. Donald Trump mostly won the presidency of the United States using this one platform! From Baby-boomers to Gen Xers, everyone needs to be on Twitter if they meet customers and prospects. Help them think about this: today, the average CXO pitches their product to a much larger group at their customer's company. If they aren't visible to each member of that heterogenous group on various platf…

Why you need to invest in video marketing today

As a CMO, if you are still thinking if you should invest in creating video content, here are some key things to think about:

Today, your customer: spends as much time watching the news, as she spends reading it,is watching less tv, not because the medium is dying, but because increased time spent outdoors (commuting, increased activities), on-demand availability and bandwidth are creating the perfect storm; they still watch an incredible amount of video content- it's just not on TVspends lesser time reading the newspaper, but still does - CPMs on print are still more expensive than online ads. Print spends are decreasing, they are decreasing off a large base, and online spends are conversely, growing off a small basehas a consumption device at hand all the time- they are either facing a computer screen, or have a mobile device which allows them to browse with purpose, or waste away at leisure I realise video is expensive. That it requires re-tooling your entire marketing practice,…

A Man and His Ghaghra - MSG 2 Review

Let's begin this movie review by the climax, and breaking the unbreakable rule of telling you what happens in a movie, I will. 
MSG 2's villain, a (what else!) corrupt politician approaches the hero (Pitaji) flanked by an army (a real army) battalion, a clutch of SUVs, and a phalanx of REAL ARMY TANKS. At this time, it seems sure that he will kill the man, once and for all. He also has an 'international drug mafia' man with him. 
This is what he proceeds to do- he has a mega phone in his hand, with which he literally speaks out everything that's happened in the past two hours, plus a couple of other things that happened in a parallel universe, where Pitaji managed to break his 'sex racket', his 'drug racket' and a few other things. Nice recap you'd think, because you went numb after the first 20 minutes. But no. He then proceeds to attack with the army, and the entire batallion is decimated, and basically disappears from the scene. Then he asks …

The most inoffensive MSG- Messenger of God review you'd ever read

I wrote this post originally as a guest post for a humour blog run by my friend.

There’s something about boogers. You know, those little nasty bits that remain stuck, on the sides of beds, below office tables, deposited in that little gap between your school desk’s drawer and tabletop. Many a childhood’s left indelible marks of nasal waste, marking the passage of time on places you shudder to think about now. There’s a fair chance many among us heard the adjective ‘gross’ for the first time from a member of the opposite sex, when we were busy mining for gold. It stopped us from examining the booger. And it ensured we never found the hilarity of coaxing it out, making it into a little projectile, and throwing it at the bald pate of an angry white man, and laughing hysterically. Until now.
The joke appears twice in MSG- Messenger of God. And like everything else in the film, it results in the exact opposite of what it’s meant to do. 
Before you read any further, a disclaimer is necessary:…

Horrible Bosses 2

Sequels generally disappoint people by the time they are announced. As a regular film goer, you go through them like your pack of pop-corn. When they are of the summer blockbuster variety, you typically, leave your mind at home and just see them. When they occur for movies which were sleeper hits, you tend to sit up and take notice. Why would an idea which had little juice in the first place, get another shot at celluloid (pun intended)?

Horrible Bosses 2 gets some things right- Jason Bateman continues his deadpan and matter-of-fact acting, continuing in the same vein as Arrested Development; Jennifer Aniston playing the sex-addict doctor; and Chris Pine as the handsome devil. Apart from this, certain gags do get you- the scene where a runaway car waits past a train crossing because they don't want to leave the police behind, is, in the true sense of the word, hilarious. Apart from that, the only thing keeping one hooked is the presence of high and might actors in guest roles- ther…